We Better Behave!

2022 Metaverse Agenda

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Your MCs
michele mccorry

Michele McCorry of Behaviorally

Peter Costa

Peter Costa of Protobrand


Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt of Behaviorally


Anders Bengtsson of Protobrand

Why Sustainability? Why Now? Setting the Stage on Sustainability
Lakshmi Ravichandran

Lakshmi Ravichandran of Protobrand

Emma Kirk Headshot 3

Emma Kirk of Behaviorally

Sabrina Lakhani

Sabrina Lakhani of Frontier Communications

Christian Niederauer

Christian Niederauer of Colgate-Palmolive

Sarah Zangler

Sarah Zangler of KraftHeinz

In this opening panel, we will discuss the business importance of sustainability, why it’s imperative that we discuss sustainability, and how insights can do their part!

Being Sustainable & living a Good Life: Can This Unite?
Anna Martynova

Anna Martynova of Protobrand

Edwin Taborda

Edwin Taborda of Electrolux

Companies realize the inevitable shift towards sustainability often expected and demanded by the consumers nowadays. Yet, choosing services and products that help to achieve a more sustainable life often require a change in consumption habits first. Change can be slow and difficult because consumers are reluctant to compromise on aspects that they have come to appreciate as a way of living a good life. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how Electrolux is uniting sustainability and the good life in order to change the world to a better place.

What's Next? The Future of Sustainability

Anders Bengtsson of Protobrand

Natasha Gonzalez

Natasha Gonzalez of Behaviorally

Westin Grabow

Westin Grabow of Diageo

Kimberly Hunter

Kimberly Hunter of Haleon

Shalini Sahi

Shalini Sahi of Pladis Global

In this panel, we will discuss the next steps insights professionals need to help accelerate a more sustainable future and the trends they are seeing in the marketplace.

The 3 Pillars of Sustainability
Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt of Behaviorally

Monica Tenorio

Monica Tenorio of PepsiCo

In this in-depth discussion, we will explore the 3 pillars of PepsiCo’s pep+ program that includes: Positive Agriculture+, Positive Value Chain+, and Positive Choices+ to inspire consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt of Behaviorally


Anders Bengtsson of Protobrand

After we close the event, we invite you all to join us to explore the We Better Behave! Metaverse space and network with others including on a virtual Yacht, a Jedi Council Room, and more!

Working Together for A Sustainable Future

Your Hosts

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