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Sarah Snudden

Insights Lead for Brand & Innovation - Tea Forté

How to Enjoy Helping the Planet and Enrich Your Own Life at the Same Time

Isabel Losada // Author of The Joyful Environmentalist

Tom Savigar

Tom Savigar // Founder Avansere

Saving our planet can be fun, inspiring, and even hilarious. In this engaging fireside chat, we will get right to the real life solutions for your everyday life from travel to shopping and more!

Module 1: The Business Importance of Sustainability

Exploring Walgreen Boots Alliance's Sustainability & Social Strategy

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer - Boots UK

In this session, Pete Markey will examine how Walgreen Boots Alliance has put its sustainability strategy and social responsibility central to its business and the success stories.

Lift Off, or Not? What Does the Future Hold for the Travel Industry?
Martine Ainsworth-Wells

Martine Ainsworth-Wells // City of London - Vibrant Offer Campaign

Richard Dickinson

Richard Dickinson // Tomorrow's Tourism

Jasman Ahmed

Jasman Ahmed //
Accord Marketing

Wez Eathorne

Wez Eathorne // Opinium

Travel and tourism is perhaps the industry most impacted by COVID-19. As the world starts to open, what role does sustainability play in building back? How are travel brands and businesses tackling the trade-off between economic vs. environmental concerns?

Providing a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all

Nikola Glavan // National Grid


Stacey Kinley // Maru

The task is tremendous: decarbonize energy. Utilities play a central role in sustainable energy transformation, but how to manage such a monumental shift while keeping the lights on, the heating bill low, and the beer cold? We will discuss some of the innovative ways that National Grid is driving change.

Corporate Sustainability: Business Buzzword or Long-Standing Advantage?
Gokce Akyildiz

Gokce Akyildiz // Unilever

Olesya Volokh

Olesya Volokh // Danone

Kai Virtanen

Kai Virtanen // Behaviorally

Why it is important for businesses to change towards more sustainable practices and models? And how exactly are they doing it? Find out in this engaging discussion with Unilever and Danone.

Sustainability: Ticket to Play vs. Ticket to Win
Jacques-Julien Rième

Jacques-Julien Rième // Electrolux

Mario Streng

Mario Streng //
British Gas


Rainier van Rietschoten // Protobrand

Is sustainability just a box to tick for companies in order to to continue doing what they always do or can be a differentiating factor that can contribute to the growth of a company? It is clear that the most successful companies actively try to help consumers in switching to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Module 2: Sustainability Stories That Don't Often Get Told

Solutions Through Partnership: HSBC’s Ambitious Global Climate Plan
Andrew Greenspan

Andrew Greenspan

Vice President, Corporate Sustainability - HSBC Bank

HSBC has committed 750 billion to 1 trillion in sustainable finance and investment by 2030. Learn how the bank is unlocking solutions through climate partnerships, innovation, and focusing on nature.

How Digitalization Creates Opportunities for Sustainability
Pernilla Bergmark

Pernilla Bergmark // Ericsson

Annika Henricsson

Annika Henricsson // Protobrand

Digital technologies provide for societal transformation and behavioral shifts that could enable sustainability. Have we paid enough attention to this?

How Climate Grief Affects Your Brand
Lydia Lawless

Lydia Lawless // Nestlé


Matt Salem // Behaviorally

Consumers may feel scared, anxious, angry, or devastated by climate change. This is called climate grief and not many talk about it. We will provide you action steps on how to offset the doom and gloom at a brand level and individually.

Breaking the Investment Ceiling: Doing Well by Doing Good
Karen Kerrigan

Karen Kerrigan // Moneybox

Timi Merriman-Johnson

Timi Merriman-Johnson // Mr Moneyjar

Alexa Nightingale

Alexa Nightingale // Opinium

Many of the population don’t hold any investments yet those same people say they care about the environment. Opportunity? We think so. How do we as an industry engage underrepresented investment groups to benefit both people and the planet?

Impact Speaks Louder Than Words: Turning Plastic Into Gold
Saleem Ahamed

Saleem Ahamed // Plastic Bank

Sara Cappe

Sara Cappe // Maru

Plastic Bank is revolutionizing the world’s recycling systems to create a regenerative, inclusive, and circular plastic economy. By building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities and reprocessing materials for reintroduction into the supply chain, they are powering the sustainability of both the environment and the communities in which they work.

Module 3: The Conundrum of Sustainability & Packaging

Sustainability: Once a Point-of-Difference, Now a Business Imperative

Simon Lowden //
Chief Transformation Officer
- The Arnott's Group

Inna Merenkova

Inna Merenkova // Managing Director, Europe - Behaviorally

Not too long ago, sustainability sat distinct from corporate strategy while proponents and critics advanced what they perceived to be the ‘real’ objectives of business. Today, most companies, if not all, have considered, adopted, or promoted a sustainability approach – driven in part by society, consumers, investors, and to a lesser extent, government pressures. As that pressure mounts, it begs the question: Is sustainability, especially sustainable packaging, now a business imperative?

The Challenges and Rewards of Adopting Sustainable Packaging
Wouter van Tol

Wouter van Tol //
DS Smith

Tristan Kaye

Tristan Kaye // Notpla

Steve Looney

Steve Looney // Opinium

Consumer expectations mean that there is huge pressure to move to sustainable packaging, but in reality it’s not always as simple as flicking a switch. What are the risks involved and what should all brands and businesses regardless of sector, size, and shape take into consideration?

Pack to the Future!
Ana Plasencia

Ana Plasencia // Mars Wrigley

Peter Costa

Peter Costa // Protobrand

Bringing new products to market and applying a sustainability lens to the innovation workstream enables a new path forward. Learn how corporate sustainability goals intersects sustainable design and the product innovation team.

Impossible to Ignore Packaging: Are Your Sustainability Practices Turning Heads?
Kim Chackal

Kim Chackal // Equifruit

Steve Brockway

Steve Brockway // Maru

Learn how a sustainable banana company went from a boring hippie vibe to sharks on their website and advanced their fair trade mission in the process.

Tales of Successful Sustainable Packaging from New to Iconic Brands
Jennifer Strong

Jennifer Strong //


Ed Woolner // Feel Good Drinks

Joseph Corace

Joe Corace // Behaviorally

Packaging plays a large role in a company’s sustainability strategy. But how do companies change their packaging practices from raw material sourcing to partnering with outside environmental groups? Find out as we share tips for brands embarking on this journey for the first time.

Module 4: Sustainability That Drives Consumer Behavior

Leading alignment of the sustainability imperative with consumer behavior

Stephan Gans // SVP, Chief Insights & Analytics Officer - PepsiCo

Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt // CEO - Behaviorally

Sustainability has become an integral component of how large brands assess business performance. This session explores how corporate insights functions can lead the way helping brands align their sustainability agenda with consumer behaviors – and the support they need from their agency partners to do it.

The Paradox of Fashion: Can Fast Ever Slow Down?
Anna Wickes

Anna Wickes //
Dr Martens

Pete Durant

Pete Durant // BAM Bamboo Clothing

Philippa Rudd

Philippa Rudd // Matisa Market

Hannah Teale

Hannah Teale // Opinium

As we dust off our old wardrobe after a year of being indoors, the need for new clothing is on the rise again. How do fashion brands encourage consumers to shop more sustainably and not fall back on old habits? How can sustainability beat the pull of convenience and value in the fashion world?

Sustainability to Drive Shopper Growth
Richard Head

Richard Fuller // Wella

Regina Kuzmanich

Regina Kuzmanich // AlEn

Nisha Yadav

Nisha Yadav // Behaviorally

Hear from insights leaders on how to communicate the benefits of sustainability to consumers and remove the barrier to purchase when it comes to sustainable products and packaging design.

The Cultural Shift to (Insert Tomorrow's Buzzword)
Kierstin De West

Kierstin De West // Alpha Foods


Andrew Grenville // Maru

Cultural values are shifting. We want brands to lead, inspire, and keep up. Learn what we care about, what it all means, and how brands can lead the way.

Accelerating Sustainable Consumption
Christian Niederauer

Christian Niederauer, Ph.D. // Colgate-Palmolive

Stephen Donajgrodzki

Stephen Donajgrodzki // Behavioral Scientist

Anders Bengtsson

Anders Bengtsson, PhD. // Protobrand

A sustainable consumer culture can best be attained when governments, companies, and consumers work in concert towards this goal. In this panel, we’ll discuss the limitations of consumer choice and how companies need to make it simpler for people to consume sustainably.


5 Actions to Take Today for a Better Tomorrow

Sarah Holloway

Sustainability Advisor

Sustainability Advisor, Sarah Holloway, will distill the day’s learnings into easy action steps you and your companies can commit to for a more sustainable future.

Bonus Session

The Story of Feel Good Drinks
Caroline Bates

Caroline Bates // CITIZEN GOOD


Ed Woolner // Feel Good Drinks

In this additional session, Citizen Good talks to Feel Good Drinks about creating a purpose-driven soft drinks brand with a focus on sustainability.

Working Together for A Sustainable Future

Your Hosts for 2021

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Kristin Luck (Founder, ScaleHouse & President of ESOMAR) talks in a rapid-fire panel session with the We Better Behave! hosts about the upcoming virtual event around sustainability and why you should check out the sessions above!